Aluminum Alloy 21"
mountain bike style
with full suspension
36v 10ah Li-poly
Max Speed on
motor power
18-20 mph
High Torque 700
watt peak hub
motor- 350 watt
110v Smart Charger
Rear Deraileur
8-Speed Shimano
Acera Indexed
26" Double Wall
26" x 1.95"  
(inflate 40-65 psi)
Rock Shox Dart 2
adjustable shock
Front Brake
Rear Brake
Min Seat Height
Total Weight
60 lbs
Twist Throttle
Yes - Left side
Pedal Assist
Yes - 3-levels with
torque sensor
Other Features
Front and rear LED
lights included.
Luggage rack
R10-H Electric Bike
Our hub motor version of the R10 uses a powerful 350 watt hub motor. The
R10-H is perfect if you want a simple design that has excellent power and
range. If you don't have really big hills to climb, the R10-H electric bike is a
great choice for both price and functionality.

Powerful mountain bike style electric bicycle. This is one of our most popular
electric bikes with full suspension, disk brakes, and our 350 watt hub motor.

The R10-H is built with full suspension and disk brakes. Quality components
make the R10-H easy to ride.

A torque sensor works along with the 3-level pedal assist on this model. The
power assist is adjusted up or down based on the force applied to the pedals.
This feature delivers more power when you need it and conserves power for
easy cruising.

Lithium batteries combined with the powerful 350 watt hub motor allow you to
travel farther.

A 36 volt, 10 amp hour lithium battery pack provides plenty of power for even
the toughest hills.

Range is 25 to 30 miles with normal pedaling.
$1599 Special  
Reg $1999
Free Shipping
The R10 includes front
and rear disk brakes
and an adjustable
Rockshox Dart 2 fork.
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Shimano Acera  
derailleur and 8-speed
SRAM cassette and
hub motor
Power meter shows power level,
and sets level of pedal assist.
Powers the bike off/on.
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