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Electric bike Parts

This page is being updated. Please check back soon for a list of motors, controllers,
batteries, chargers, and other parts for your electric bike.

You may also email [email protected] with your part request.
MiPower 14ah Electric Bicycles
L320 Electric Bicycle
a100 electric bikes
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Freewheel Chain ring for
bracket mount motor

This replacement chain
ring will fit  bracket mount
motors with the flat style
bearing. This will not fit the
newer style with the
separate freewheel bearing.
.This can also be used by
hobbyists. The chain ring
can turn without the pedals
rotating. Use it to hook up a
motor to the chain ring.
Freewheel Bearing for
bracket mount motor

This replacement Bearing
will fit  bracket mount
motors with the raised style

Click Here for installation

Click Here for exploded
view of drive system.
A powerful 250 watt hub
motor spoked into a 20"
rim with connectors. This
motor is brand new and
powerful enough to
propel a 250lb rider at
20 mph on motor only.
The hub is threaded for
a single or multispeed
freewheel cassette. Reg
$220. Sale $199.
Click HERE to see
all of our lithium and
SLA  battery

From $69.95
MiPower Controller
This replacement controller will fit the MiPower, MiStyle, and
MiPower Step-Thru bikes.