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We only sell and supports electric transportation products. We work with our manufacturers to build the best value electric bikes, and
electric scooters available. We carry many models so that you can choose the best model to fit your needs.

Electric Bike Distributor has been selling and supporting electric transportation since 2005. We were one of the first companies to
offer high capacity lithium batteries on electric bikes. We were here yesterday and we will be here to support you tomorrow. We are
always adding new products and we provide support after the sale.

All of our products are designed for the US market and include both pedal assist (pedelec) and a throttle. The range of our bikes is
more than most competitors. We test all of our bikes for range and power. The models we carry use the best lithium battery
technology. We offer the lowest prices for bikes with this type of power. We also fully support all of our products and stock parts in our
Austin, TX warehouse

You can contact us 7 days a week. Sales and service professionals are available by phone:

Sales - 877-324-5329 (877-eBike29) ext 1. 8am to 9pm CST 7 days a week.
Service - 877-324-5329 (877-eBike29) ext 2. M-F 10 am to 3pm CST.


Sales - [email protected]
service - [email protected]

Our address is:

Electric Bike Distributor
2125 Goodrich AVE STE B
Austin, TX 78704

How do pedal assist and the throttle work?

Pedal assist works automatically when you start pedaling. You do not have to switch it on. The motor will come on to assist you
making pedaling really easy. You can also use the throttle whenever you want. When you use the throttle, you can cruise along without
pedaling on flat ground. You control how fast you go by how much you turn the throttle. You can pedal while using the throttle as well.
The motor and pedals are independent of each other so you can pedal as much or as little as you like. The more you pedal, the
longer the range.

If you want to use the bike without power, just turn it off with the key or power switch. It pedals just like a normal bike.

Does the charger come with the bike?

Yes. Each bike comes with a charger. One end is plugged into the bike or battery pack and the other end to the wall.

All of the chargers are "smart chargers" and switch to a trickle charge when the battery is full. Don't leave the charger plugged in too
long after the battery is full. A few hours is OK.

How much assembly is required?

Our bikes arrive mostly assembled. We have to remove the pedals, front wheel, and sometimes the handlebar to ship the bikes.
Assembly is easy and all instructions are provided by email or with the bike. You need only basic tools like screwdrivers and

What is the weight limit for your electric bikes?

The weight limit is 250 lbs for most of our bikes. With a heavier load, the bike should be pedal assisted more often and you should be
careful to avoid bending your wheels or braking spokes.

How much does it cost to charge an electric bicycle?

It costs only a few cents for a full charge on our electric bikes. Always recharge your battery after use. There is no "memory".

Do electric bikes pollute?

There are no emissions from electric bicycles. Of course, there are batteries that will have to be replaced every two to five years.
These should be taken to a recycling depot in your city.

There is also the issue of where the electricity comes from. In Austin we have the option to choose wind power for our electricity
supply. This is considered green power. You can also plug the charger into a solar panel system through an inverter. We have
customers that live completely off grid and use our electric bicycles as their main transportation.

Electric bikes are extremely efficient and use less energy than other types of powered transportation. Because electric bikes can
replace a car or gas scooter for many trips, they are considered one of the greenest transportation choices.

How Far can an electric bicycle go?

It depends on several factors - terrain (hills etc), wind, tire inflation, battery and motor size, weight of rider, riding style. Our numbers
are conservative when we quote distance.  

Most of our bikes will easily get you 20-30 miles or further on the motor on flat ground. We have reports from some of our customers
that are getting over 40 miles on a charge with some pedaling. Our MiPower model introduced in 2010 gets up to 60 miles with
normal pedaling.

Hills are always a big power drain for any electric vehicle. We recommend that you assist by pedaling on hills. Depending on the
number and steepness of hills, this can double or triple your travel distance. You can also increase travel distance by starting off with
a few cranks of the pedals to get you going.

Keep tires inflated properly to increase range, make pedaling easier, and to prevent problems like flats and broken spokes.

We test all of our bikes and always quote a conservative number for estimated range.

I see electric bikes advertised with 1000 watt motors. Are those better?

We only advertise the continuous electrical wattage of our motors. Any other number is almost impossible to verify without a special
dynamometer machine. Some ads state an "output" wattage that is higher than the measured electrical power used. You should
compare bikes based on the electric wattage.

Our batteries and motors are matched to give good performance with long battery life. We use the largest motor practical on our
MiPower electric bikes. It is a true 500 watt brushless hub motor. Our other bikes use 250 or 350 watt brushless hub motors. All of our
bikes are built for adults and will propel a 180lb rider at 20 mph on the motor power only on level ground.

Battery packs should be matched to the motor to get the performance and range that you expect. All of our bikes have the right battery
pack for the motor supplied.

Where can I get parts?

We supply parts for all of our bikes. Check our parts page or email us at [email protected]

How long will the batteries last?

Most Lithium packs will last 2-4 years if you take care of them by always recharging after use. There is no "memory". You should
recharge after every use. Recharge at least once a month if the batteries are stored or not used for a while.

SLA (sealed lead-acid) typically last 1-2 years. They should be charged immediately after use for the longest life.

How much do batteries cost?

Our lithium battery packs are not serviceable and must be replaced. These are the top of the line packs and cost $299 - $399. They
will last for years if you keep them charged. Our new, top of the line MiPower 36v 14ah batteries are $650. They are higher quality
packs with Samsung lithium cells that perform better and charge faster. They also will last longer than the 36v 10ah packs.

What is the difference in SLA, NIMH, and Lithium Batteries?

Lithium batteries are the lightest and most energy dense batteries commercially available. They do not need to be recharged
immediately after use - but you should recharge after every use so you will start with a full charge. Like a cell phone battery,  they
perform better and for longer if you keep them charged. They are much lighter, environmentally friendly, and safe. If they will not be
used for a month or more, make sure they are fully charged before storage. They should be charged once a month during storage.

SLA stands for sealed lead acid and are the most economical. Our batteries use a AGM technology that means that there is nothing to
spill and the batteries can be operated in any position. These batteries will hold a charge for weeks between charges. You should
always recharge SLA batteries as soon as you can after riding. They will last much longer if they are always recharged immediately
after use.

NIHM are Nickel-Metal-Hydride batteries. These batteries are lighter and will last longer than SLA types. They will lose charge much
quicker than SLA batteries and so they need to be recharged more often. They cost about twice as much as SLA types. For a 36 volt
system, there are typically 30 batteries strung together. The main advantages are the reduced weight and longer life.

In general, the less you run any of these batteries down before recharge, the longer they will last.

The batteries don't have a "memory".

Do I need to purchase anything else for my electric bike?

All of our electric bikes are complete with everything thing you need including the charger. You may want to add a helmet, lights,
carrying bags or a basket. You can find common accessories on our
accessories page.
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