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Sale $1599
R10-H Electric  
Mountain Bike

Hub Powerful 350 watt motor
version of the R10. A great
value on one of our most
popular ebikes.
A110 Electric Bicycle
Only 2 left $1199
A100 Electric Bike

Our new hybrid style electric
bike includes a powerful 350
watt hub motor, adjustable
front shocks, and even a shock
absorbing seatpost as
standard equpiment.
Sale $999
LF8 Folding Electric Bike

Fold this bike up and take it
with you. Great for camping,
concerts, sporting events.
Powerful battery and motor
make this a great buy.
MiPower 14ah Electric Bicycles
Sale Price $1999
MiPower - Most
Powerful and Longest

Our newest model combines
power and range in a sleek,
smooth running mountain
bike style electric bicycle. Our
top model. Best quality
electric bike.
Sale Price $1799
MiStyle Electric Bicycle

This 20" high quality electric
bicycle uses the best motor
and battery system for up to
60 mile range and excellent
hill climbing ability.
> Details
Out of Stock
L320 Electric Bike

This 24" step-thru electric
bicycle rides like a scooter
and pedals like a bike. Value
pricing makes this a popular
commuting electric.
> Details
Summer Specials
Special - $1999
Value Priced - $849
LF8 Folding Bike
Reg. $1399
Special Price $999
Powerful 36v 11ah model
From $1599
MiStyle 20" Wheels - Up to 60
Miles - Sale $1799
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