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Folding electric bike

  • 36 volt lithium battery pack
  • 20" wheel size
  • 20 MPH
  • Range: Up to 30 miles with
    normal pedaling
  • Range: 25+ miles on flat
    ground on motor only
  • Power meter on handlebar
  • Motor:250W brushless - 500
    Watts peak output
  • Pedal Assist AND full
  • 1-year part replacement
  • Step over height 21"
  • Wheel Base 40 1/2"
  • Min seat height 30"
  • Max seat Height 34"
  • Tires 20 x 1.75
  • Folded dimensions: L 34" W
    15" H 27"
  • Includes front LED
A lithium battery pack and powerful compact
that make this folding bike lightweight. Many
other lower quality folding bikes use only a small
24v battery and smaller motor. The LF8 is the top
in it's class for folding electric bikes.

The LF8 is easy to fold and unfold and is not prone
to bike damage or broken wires like other heavier
folding bikes.
Fits in your back seat or trunk.

When you pedal, the pedal assist kicks in. You can
twist the
throttle at any time and just keep going
on level ground without pedaling.

Our 250 watt motor is more powerful than most
other folding bikes. It delivers
500 watts of power
for hills.

The durable single speed design means that you
don't have to worry about a bent derailleur when
you fold your electric bike. This is one of our
easiest electric bicycles to ride and is perfect for
both commuting and recreation.

This folding electric  bike is popular for folks with
RVs, campers, boats and planes. Use it to get to
concert or sporting events without having to pay for
expensive parking. Ride right up to the gate.

Add a front basket and rear saddle bags
(panniers) and carry your groceries, books, and
other things with you.

This is a versatile means of electric transportation
that will last for years.
LF8 - New 2015 Model
SPecial- $999
Reg. Price $1499
LF8 folding mechanism
Model LF8
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Axiom Appalachian

Saddle Bag Panniers
Bag mounts over
rack  - easy
Water resistant 600
denier nylon

Fits on all of our
electric bikes
New 2012 model with rear rack and fenders.
Order now for fastest delivery.
Battery pack locks onto bike
and can be easily removed -
hinged seat flips up.
Folded dimensions 32"x30"x16"
Handelbar folds down with a push
of the button
Get Your's Fast. In stock ships within 24 hrs.
Lazer X3M Black S-XL

This is a great value on a helmet
that fits any size. The easy adjust
head cradle goes from small to
extra large and always fits great

Lazer X3M (Extreme) Helmet
includes integrated visor, Comfit
sizing system that easily adjusts
to riders head, in-mold shell
design and removable washable
CoolMax pads.

X3M (Extreme)
•Integrated visor
•Comfit sizing system easily
adjusts to riders head
•In-mold shell design
•Removable washable CoolMax
•Weighs 295g
To order by phone
MiPower 14ah Electric Bicycles
L320 Electric Bicycle
a100 electric bikes
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Customer Feedback:

By Rick, CA
Thank you for the fast shipping. The bike arrived sooner than expected in only 4 days. I was concerned that I would be a
be a bit too heavy for this bike but it pulls me up some major hills with only moderate effort. The lithium battery seems to
have plenty of power. I haven't been able to run it all the way down even on some pretty long trips. On flat ground I have
gone what i guess is about 10 to 15 miles. That is really all I need. I may test it and see if I can get 30 but that is really a
long way on a bike.

By Carol, PA
Got the LF8 yesterday and couldn't wait to take it for a ride. I didn't even charge it before taking it out. It was great that
there wasn't really any assembly required. I put the seat on and tightened it up with the quick release and took off. I did
have to adjust the brake but it was easy. I am charging it now and will take it for a longer ride tomorrow. Thanks for all of
your help with choosing the right model for me.

By Doug, FL
On on my second electric bike. I love the MiPower but I needed one for my boat. It is a long walk from my slip to the
marina. I also have limited space on board. The LF8 has worked out great. It just fits in my cargo hold. The folding
pedals are a really nice feature. Without that, I would have to take the pedals off to make it fit. I use the rack for a small
cooler and my backpack for other stuff. I will be buying a couple of more for guests. These will stay at the dock or the
marina so company can ride with me.
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